Injury or Medical Concern

Unfortunately and injury or medical condition can happen at any time.  Moving back into the driver's seat comes with many new risk factors that were not present before.   EDI works hand in hand with medical professionals to make sure you are progressing at the pace necessary to take on the challenges and responsibilities of driving a motor vehicle.  


IDA provides a thorough driving assessment where we evaluate your ability to safely operate a vehicle.  During this assessment the driver will be evaluated in multiple areas including:


  • Ability to safely control a vehicle.

  • Understanding of the rules.

  • Ability to respond to normal and complex driving situations.

  • Reaction time and their level of awareness as a driver.

  • Overall comfort and ability to operate vehicle controls.

  • Observation and space management.


A formal written assessment is done scoring the driver in multiple areas as well as offering a conclusion as to whether the driver should continue to drive, needs more recovery time or no longer operate a motor vehicle.


This assessment is only a professional opinion, not a medical evaluation or state test. The evaluation does not interfere with their current license status or ability to renew their license.  It is only a recommendation.  The driver and their family will then decide the best course of action.  


The cost of this adult driving assessment is $200.  This covers the driving lesson (which is done in our instructor equipped car or your personal vehicle), pick-up and drop-off as well as a detailed written assessment of the lesson.  This can be mailed or emailed to patient. 


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