My name is Adam Newbloom and I am the founder of Independent Driving Assessments.   


I have been involved in road safety for the last 20 years beginning with 7 years working as a Sheriff's Deputy.  After many years of responding to accidents that resulted from distraction, inexperience and/or diminishing driving skills it became clear how important education and evaluation is.   


I resigned from the Sheriff's Office in 2006 and pursued my Master's Degree in Business.  In 2009, I started a driving school that provided an elevated level of training for new drivers.  Within three years we were the top driving school in the area as families gravitated toward the quality of training we provided. 

In 2011, I began getting requests from adult children of elderly parents regarding an assessment of their parents ability to drive.   Soon we were being asked by doctor's offices as well as clinics in the area if we could evaluate a patient who suffered from a stroke or medical issue that could impact their road safety.   So in 2013, we started Independent Driving Assessments  to offer a more thorough focus on working with Adults with medical issues and/or drivers with diminishing skills.  From that we expanded to Family Driving Concerns, New Driver Assessments and the very important transportation employee assessment. 

We provide a safe and thorough evaluation with a friendly and patient certified driving instructor. We care about your road safety, that is the bottom line.  And we are here to make help in any way we can.   Additional training is available if necessary.  


Please click the "Make and Appointment" button below to get started.  Or if you have a questions please email me below.  


The assessment cost is $200 and includes:


  • Pickup and drop-off (within designated area)

  • Use of our training vehicle

  • Patient and clear instruction

  • A detailed report 

  • A recommendation

  • Mail, fax or email evaluation form as needed


Our recommendation  is only provided to the driver and not submitted to state , employer, insurance companies or  doctor's office without the driver's consent.  

East Tennessee - Knoxville & Surrounding areas. 

Adam Newbloom
Former Law Enforcement
Licensed Instructor

We will not be able to schedule your assessment until payment has been made.  Please click the "Buy Now" link below to submit payment.  If an alternate form of payment is preferred, please make note of that in the registration form.  All checks should be payable to EDI (Enhanced Driving Institute).  

Skills evaluated during assessment:


  • Controls and Gauges

  • Observation Skills

  • Vehicle Control

  • Braking & Acceleration

  • Lane Changes & Turns

  • Highway Driving

  • Heavy Traffic

  • Safety and Critical thinking

  • And More


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