New(er) Driver (Teen or Adult)

Safety is our business and I know the impact an accident can have on the driver, their well being and their pocketbook.   Our objective is to minimize driving risk through assessment and training.  Driving is a responsibility that requires many areas of focus and skill set...and that is where we come in! 

An assessment from IDA will provide a written evaluation as well as recommendations based on several driving factors:


  • Acceleration and braking control

  • Knowledge of the rules of the road

  • Safe driving practices

  • Observation

  • Interaction with other drivers

  • Space management 

​Please contact IDA to schedule an assessment or discuss options. 

 Driver Assessment = $100.   

 Driver lessons & Training = $60 p/hour 

We also have other options that you as a driver or parent might be interested in. 

  1. GPS Tracking for your vehicles - monitors speed & location

  2. Camera system installation that monitors driver and road ahead. 

Many insurance companies will give you a discount for having a camera in the car!  Save $$

Packages start at $200 and up.  







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